Hidden Deep: Press Kit



Łukasz Kałuski
(as Cogwheel Software)
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Project start date:




Press / Business Contact:



www.instagram.com/hiddendeepgame youtube.com/hiddendeep


PC / Mac / Linux

Planned release date:

Q3 2019


Hidden Deep is 2D action & exploration sci-fi thriller game (for PC/Mac/Linux) where you command group of explorers deep under the ocean floor to find out what happened to previous expedition to which contact has been lost.

Hidden Deep is an old-school game inspired by classic Sci-Fi games and movies of the 80's and 90's (mainly Aliens, The Thing and games first Half-Life, Another World, Flashback with a little dose of Lemmings) with an addictive bit of dark plot. Very much emphasis was placed on richness and quality of character animations and general realism (as for 2D game). The game is running on its own engine with physics simulation and destructive terrain.


Hello, my name is Łukasz Kałuski and since I was a kid I was dreaming of being sci-fi movie director just like James Cameron who will forever be my absolute Master. Later in life, knowing that there aren't any real chances to make this dream true I realized that I still can be a "director" - director of video game (what a great moment that was :).

My first steps in gamedev was on 16-bit Amiga computer (but my very first machine was 8-bit Atari 800XL). Being still a teenager I created three games on that machine, all was commercially published in Poland: American Poker, The Last Soldier and Lost In Mine. The last one, Lost In Mine had quite good reviews in polish press and is still recognized among Amiga fans. Unfortunately financial side of my passion was way to small to take it serious so I had to do something more profitable and became web-developer.

After 20 years of break in making games (including about 15 years of making websites) I decided to try gamedev again and started Hidden Deep, a 2D PC game - still work in progress.



Download all images in one zip file: hiddendeep_images.zip


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