Support Hidden Deep

Hello, this is Lukasz Kaluski and I'm the creator of Hidden Deep (yes, it's only me working on this). Also I'm the only one who is funding this project.

The reason I started making this game was pure passion and that strong urge to "materialize" ideas which were crystalizing in my mind for many many years (it started long time ago when I first saw The Thing movie and then Aliens and then more Sci-Fi movies...). I want to make this game right, to make it as it should be done - no easy shortcuts. I started Hidden Deep in 2014 so as you probably guess my budget is starting to dry up...

Being a fan of modern technologies I decided to try crypto-curriencies for donations - I'm very curious if it can work for indie gamedevs?
12.5 bitcoins in total (or 357.1 ETH, or 308.6 BCH according to current prices) is enough to finish the project and have some budget for marketing (without marketing game will die right after birth).

What I can offer myself is to bring the best possible game quality I can achieve, also you will have access to early beta versions (for $30+ donation equivalent), plus you will get number of Steam keys (when game is ready) according to donation amount and game price on release day. All donators will be credited in game.

More generous donators will obtain additional unique personalized grants (I'm not sure what it will be at the moment but I will make it attractive) - you will for sure be credited in game in the top part of credits list (as Executive Producer? :) ). Also, I know it sounds silly - you will change my life.

Fell free to ask me anything on Twitter / Facebook or e-mail: click to see my e-mail



BTC: 1PfqyS5hyiCNHUMrwi9z6nFJr3ELEUp6Ls
ETH: 0xa9963045a9a9b9ae2cd856713ac282978c1551bf
BCH: 1Nva2cN3Lam3dv4DDoirLhRssCX45WURcm