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About Hidden Deep

Hidden Deep is a 2D Action & Exploration Sci-Fi thriller which action takes more than mile under the ocean floor. A group of researchers detected there some strange anomalies of unknown nature and organized an expedition to examine this mysterious phenomenon. After 681 days contact with the researchers suddenly breaks off. At this point you are entering as the leader of the second team who must check what happened there.

Hidden Deep is an old-school game inspired by classic Sci-Fi games and movies of the 80's and 90's (mainly Aliens, The Thing, Half-Life (1)) an addictive bit of dark plot. Very much emphasis was placed on richness and quality of character animations and general realism (as for 2D game). The game is running on its own engine with physics simulation and destructive terrain.

Game Features

Immersive dark sci-fi story which pays tribute to many 80's and 90's classic movies and games
(mainly Aliens, The Thing, the first Half-Life)
Uniquely (among 2d games) rich and realistic characters movement
(motion capture based but still pure 2d) including rag-doll
Physics simulation and destructible terrain (your men are equipped with heavy machinery like tunnel-boring machines, bridge builders and many more)

Gameplay Highlights

Command your team. Often you will have to do many tasks simultaneusly.
You can control your team members directly or by giving orders.
Face lethal danger Deal with sneaky and deadly alien lifeforms and environmetal traps
Operate specialized equipment including grappling-hook, scanners, drones, heavy machinery and more
Unfold a deep and dark mystery
Expect many action twists and surprises...

Where to buy?

Hidden Deep is available on Steam in Early Access.

Currently there is PC version.
Mac and Linux will be added soon. Ports to Switch and Xbox are very likely some time later.