About Hidden Deep

Hidden Deep is 2D action & exploration sci-fi thriller game (for PC) where you command group of explorers deep under the ocean floor to find out what happened to previous expedition to which contact has been lost. As they go deeper and deeper, they discover strange structures and deadly unknown organisms.

Game Features

Immersive sci-fi story which pays tribute to many 80's and 90's classic movies and games
(like Aliens, The Thing, first Half-Life, Another World, Flashback)
Uniquely (among 2d games) rich and realistic characters movement
(motion capture based but still pure 2d) including rag-doll
Physics simulation and destructible terrain (your men are equipped with heavy machinery like tunnel-boring machines, bridge builders and many more)

Gameplay Highlights

Coordinate your men tasks. You will have to give orders to make things simultaneusly.
You can control character directly or give him orders.
Run, jump, climb, crawl, swim, dive...
Use advanced personal winch to go up and down vertical tunnels.
Use various machines to bore tunnels, build bridges, lift things, etc.
Survive encounters with unknown alien organisms.
Use flying Scanning-Balls to scan unexplored and unreachable areas.
Use Terra-Scanner to search for hidden chambers and tunnels.
Once found you can bore tunnel to reach the area.
Do many other things...